About Ace Managers


Ardent Conference & Event Managers was formed in 2010 in Malaysia by its two main directors and shareholders, Manddy Hui Hui Tan and Peter Chapman FCCA. This is our fifth successful year of trading.

Manddy Tan has 20 years of diversified experience in travel, event management and conference organizing. Peter Chapman worked as an international finance director in the London Insurance Market until 2008 when he moved to Kuala Lumpur.

The company, also known as ACE Managers, is an organization that performs with great enthusiasm, passion and most importantly, a professional approach.

Through our accumulated experience and knowledge, our focus is to deliver products and services that will enhance our clients’ business. We have an extensive network of regional and international contacts as well as an office in the City of London.


Our clients mainly come from the pharmaceutical industry, and we are an approved vendor for many major companies in this sector. ACE Managers has been developing a number of key products since 2010, most of which are still unique to the market place. Please refer to Key Products below for more information.

In 2013, we embarked on several new operations including Ardent Technology Solutions looks for global software solutions and brings these products to Asia. Ardent Bespoke Media was set up to provide a marketing operation to the pharmaceutical industry. The initiative has been a success and we are now taking our innovative techniques to other industries.


Key Products


This product captures every aspect of an event. It is vital that the maximum return on investment is achieved as events are becoming more expensive to run. An event would normally need slide presentations, video recordings including picture-in-picture, medical referencing, event collateral and a picture gallery.

This will enable the Company to reuse the material as the foundation for future events. The videos and slides can be used for other purposes such as internal trainings or presentations for a select group of doctors. They become historic records in a very important archive showing the development of treatments and views held by top Key Opinion Leaders (KOL’s) in medical education and treatment development.




How many people have seen a hologram at an event? The answer is more and more as the technology develops and become more visually stunning and more affordable to produce at the same time. We produced our first big feature hologram nearly five years ago for a company’s 25th anniversary, which impacted a big WOW factor. The latest production was during a pharmaceutical company’s launch of their latest drug, making it a truly awesome and memorable event. The range and use of holograms will continue to grow. If you are interested in this product, please contact us for a quotation. You will be surprised at how reasonable it is.



This is a special development that we created nearly two years ago to replace the numerous sheets of paper handed out at an event. At that time, we followed the industry norm of distributing papers individually such as the welcome letter, agenda, speakers’ CVs and logistics. Those meeting material would normally be thrown away or left behind on desks at the end of the day.

We therefore set out to design a replacement that would be easier for the delegates to keep and retain. In our hardcover book, we include; a welcome letter, event agenda, logistics, speakers’ CVs and most importantly, a notes section. We also have a section for a group photograph, which can be inserted into the book by the end of the meeting. We found that most delegates kept their “meeting in a book”.




As the name suggests, a video book is a video screen mounted in either a soft or hardcover book. They come in every size and shape that you can possibly imagine. The video book is proving to be a key medium in the pharmaceutical industry for both internal and external education. It has many applications for the MICE industry, ranging from wedding invitations and gifts to corporate information at annual general meetings to being the perfect medium to present your tender for a global congress.

Because the permutations are nearly endless the product can be adapted to any use. We like the gift box with the incorporated video, and it is perfect for product launches. To see our full range of video books, please visit Ardent Bespoke Media.